Graphical User Interface

Graphical User Interface




Being productive using a complex software environment requires a user-friendly interface. Scope combines an ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing user experience. Screen layouts are optimized to intuitively guide the user.

Consistent usage and standard behavior of user interface components lead to a shallow learning curve. Common tasks are handled easily while complex workflows are integrated in a clear and simple visualization.





Scope provides an effortless way to search the underlying database. Avoiding complex search dialogs and confusing filter options, Scope facilitates an instant in-field search.

Queries are quick and results are reliable. Even potentially large sets of data are manageable by applying intelligent predefined filters.

Validation / Pausibility Check

Validation / Plausibility Check

Increases Data Quality


Severity Levels

Scope assists the user to ensure a high level of data quality. Automatic validation checks are performed as soon as data is entered, providing an overview of possible issues.

Different severity levels are used to distinguish between minor problems (for example: missing data that is not required but improves data quality) and major blockers (for example: invalid data).

Internationalization & Localization

Internationalization & Localization



Date, Time and Number Formats

Scope has been designed to suit the challenges of our globalized world. Support for multiple languages, local conventions and regulations are naturally integrated. Date, time and number formats dynamically adjust depending on your local specialities.

Scope ships with English and German translations and additionally features formatting patterns for Great Britain, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Additional languages are either being implemented or available upon request.

Document Management

Document Management

Logical Classification

Version Control

Integrated in E-Mail

Electronic Folder

Creating and managing documents is simple with Scope. All documents related to a business transaction are directly accessible. Facilitating the PDF format, documents can be conveniently exchanged electronically with partners and printed on standard printers.

Additional password protection of every document allows for a maximum of data integrity. If a document is created multiple times, all previous versions are retained and changes between versions can be traced. External documents in various formats can also be uploaded to Scope for further processing.





Integrated in Document Management

Communication with partners is key for success. With the seamless integration of email, Scope enables the user to store and manage conversations transparently in relation to a business transaction.

A direct link to Scope's document management allows for easy paperless data exchange.

Cost Control

Cost Control



Credit Limit

Scope Cost Control provides a detailed break-down of income and expenses for each transaction. Automatically generated records store the cost summary and trigger an immediate alarm if suppliers’ bills show any deviations.

There is a credit limit interface enabling allocation of your own individual credit ratings to customers and monitoring of your exposure to financial risks. It also features a function enabling you to present your monthly financial statements supported by reliable benchmarking statistics.

Data Update Service

Data Update Service




The Data Update Service ensures that all your master data – e.g. countries, taxation, location codes, customs classifications etc. – are always up to date. Riege’s support team reviews all centrally administered data daily and updates, where necessary.

This leaves you free to dedicate your undivided energy to your business, certain in the knowledge that your basic data are regularly updated to current status.