Forwarding (a)

Scope – always a step ahead!

Goodbye piling paperwork. Welcome to centralised management: Scope increases transparency in the business of international transport.

When it comes to the execution and management of international shipments, air and sea freight forwarders often have to deal with time-consuming paperwork, various systems and waiting periods.

The problem: data and service requirements often vary, depending on the country, contracting party and goods. This calls for consistent documentation that makes the procedure transparent to all parties involved. Scope closes this gap. Riege’s intelligent system manages, organises and structures customer orders and data in a central electronic file.

And there’s more – Scope documents the entire international transport procedure:

  1. registration of key data
  2. pre-carriage (collection of goods from sender, provision of goods to forwarding air or sea carrier)
  3. main carriage (preparation of necessary transportation documents)
  4. on-carriage (delivery of goods to recipient)

This offers several advantages to the freight forwarder.